Heartaches are inevitable. God allows them. I was once, no, i wont say a victim, rather a participant. This is not a blame game. Just the truth. We have to address the fact that these instances should occur in our lives. As for me i learned a lot from getting my heart broken. The first time i would say was the worst. Perhaps because i did not know how to handle myself and the situation i was in at that time. But i praise the Lord for it created a scar that i will never forget. A scar that would make me pause for a moment and think things over. It made me wiser and better. A scar that may remind me of how painful it could be if i fail again. But this scar i would say made me resilient. Not numb. The heart could never be numb. No matter how calloused it is, it would still feel something. But it knows when not to mind. It knows already how to weigh emotions and its true feelings? Is it? At least i can say yes right now.

Now i feel i am midst a new heartbreak. But this time because everything is just uncertain. I dont hear anything. I am used to the assurance of being wanted and needed. Or maybe i am too assuming. Am i?

I feel The Spirit commands me to let go. So ill try. Then hopefully i can. So i will.


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